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IGS is a 17-year old SME devoted to fabrication of specific hardware for its implementation in industrial and urban projects. In the past 4 years, IGS research and development department has specialized in the integration of magnetic sensing technologies in large-scale applications such as outdoor parking management (Spinwire®), geodynamic activity measurement (Spinterference®) or security applications (SubmagneticSense) all of them covering from the hardware to the big-data and deep learning data analysis.

IGS has active partnerships with public and private sector on the international level. For example, in 2013 IGS has signed a contract with the Czech Academy of Sciences on the joint development of the Spinwire Integrated Solution for vehicle detection and in 2015 signed a joint deployment agreement with Telefonica for deploying Spinwire® in South America and, more recently, a joint development project with E-ON for Germany, Austria and Czech Republic.

On the technical side, IGS comprises the entire supply chain in the microelectronics manufacturing. Our staff comprises experienced circuit board designers for integrating commercial chipsets into a complete solution. Our personnel programs the automatic pick-and-place machines that assemble the electronic boards which are later transferred to automated encapsulation machines that enclose in rigid molten injected plastic or aluminium shapes the final devices. Our team of software engineers develop customized firmware which allows for flexible and customized communications with the devices.

The trajectory of IGS Research has obtained the certification UNE-EN-166002:2014 issued by AENOR for research, development and innovation. This standard defines the requirements that any organization must fullfill in R+D+i activities to entangle innovative ideas, project planning, prototype assessment, fabrication and exploitation plans. IGS Research, declared the followig activities for which the aforementioned norm applies:

The research, development and innovation of magnetic sensing, smart electronic devices for managing smartcities covering both downtown streets and interurban roads, geodynamic monitoring in three dimensions, energy management and urban and industrial waste management.

According to the recent most updates of the rules and regulations of the aforementioned certification, IGS has become the first company in the region of Catalonia that has promptly adapted to fullfil its requirements.

Contact information

Javier Garces
Spain & Latin America

javiergarces [at] igs4.com

Cami de la Coma, Nave 8
43140 La Pobla de Mafumet
+34 977 840 444

Prof. Tomas Jungwirth
Czech Republic & Eastern Europe

tomas.jungwirth [at] igsresearch.com

Na Dyonisce 1
160 00 Prague
Czech Republic
+420 724 311 438

IGS has been awarded the exclusive INNOVATE SME seal
for its achievements in projects funded by the Spanish Government.

Proyecto cofinanciado por el Ministerio de Industria, Energia y Turismo,
dentro del plan Nacional de Investigacion Cientifica, desarrollo e Innovacion Tecnologica 2013-2016.
Proyecto TSI-100103-75.